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Students, upon joining the school, are assigned a tutor group and will have most of their lessons within this group, make new friends and be supported by their personal Form Tutor.

Within the school community each student is a member of a College providing opportunities for students of all ages to work together and support each other. Daily contact with a personal tutor ensures that your child is well cared for on a daily basis and ensures ongoing consistent support for academic development and well-being.

A programme of PSHEE is delivered via bespoke lessons throughout the school year with the form tutor, as well as additional items being taught as part of the RPE curriculum and daily tutor periods. Older students often mentor younger students to help with individual subject study, organisational skills, homework and revision. Learning Mentors are also available to support students, if required, and specialist staff are also available to provide careers advice, health advice and a counselling service.

The Form Tutor and Head of Year are responsible for the academic and personal progress of your child and our aim of supporting each student to develop academically and personally would not be possible without a partnership between school and home. We value constructive communication between school and parents: our home/school learning agreement sets out how we will work together for the well-being of your child.

We welcome contact from parents at any time.