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Student Voice


The prefect structure exists to allow students the opportunity to develop and to practice their leadership skills whilst serving their school community or representing the school both locally and nationally.

The structure provides leadership pathways for all students within the School and opportunities to develop skills such as working within a team; solving problems; making decisions, being enterprising and taking responsibility.  Prefects at the School support members of staff by encouraging good behaviour and following the School rules and uniform requirements.

The Prefect Team consists of the Head Boy and Head Girl, 1 Deputy Head Boy and 1 Deputy Head Girl. These students represent our school at formal events, lead Student Voice, lead all other Prefects and have whole school responsibilities.

By taking on a Prefect responsibility, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the quality of commitment by upholding a post of responsibility within the school.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills through the organisation of activities within the school.
  • Demonstrate social values throughout the school.
  • Support school staff in the promotion of excellence within the school.
  • Enjoy the privileges afforded from positions of responsibility.
  • Act as role models for other students in the school.

Student Voice

  • The Head Boy and Girl represent the views of the students of the school and are the students’ ambassadors for the school.
  • The Head Boy and Girl are responsible for leading and organising the whole school student voice team.
  • The whole school student voice team will include the Head Boy and Girl, and two representatives from each year group.
  • The whole school student voice team will meet regularly with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher to discuss student views, ideas and any issues.
  • Students have the opportunity to elect two members of their form group to be their year group student representatives.
  • Students have the opportunity to put forward ideas or suggestions for discussion at student voice meetings via their form representative or their year representative.

The Student Voice Form Representatives (2 from each Tutor Group) are scheduled to have a meeting with their Year Head every term.

Minutes of these meetings are published on the year group notice board and Form Room notice boards, as well as on to the Student Portal. A discussion forum is also set up with SV reps on the Student Portal.

Two appointed Year Representatives from each year group meet with the Executive Head Teacher and Senior Deputy Head Teacher and the Head Boy/Girl on a termly basis. The agenda for the meeting is prepared a week in advance by consultation between the Head Boy/Girl and the Year Representatives. Minutes and decisions resulting from these meetings are communicated via the notice boards as before and through Form time and Assemblies by the Head Girl/Boy and SLT as well as SV reps as appropriate.