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SUMO   ExplainedStop Understand Move On

SUMO delivers skills for life – and helps pupils develop emotional literacy that will help them deal with the challenges of the future. The way in which SUMO can help is summarised by the acronym CRAMS:


C – How to accept and manage Change in our lives and how to build and maintain Confidence to deal with the challenges in life.
R – Building better and lasting Relationships with our families and friends.
A – Developing a resilient Attitude to life and learning to deal with set-backs.
M – Improve and maintain Motivation for ourselves and those around us.
S – Learning to cope with Stress and turning stressful situations into positive ones.


SUMO - The Six Principles


1. Change Your T-shirt encourages pupils to take responsibility for their own life.

It asks them to consider different aspects of their life and reflect on how their decisions shape the perspectives they have.


SUMO   Change Your Tshirt


2. Develop Fruity Thinking explores how the way our thinking affects our potential to achieve.

 Negative thinking invariably leads to negative results while positive thinking will lead to positive outcomes.


SUMO   Fruity Thinking


3. Hippo Time is OK helps pupils understand how setbacks affect them and how to recover from them.


SUMO   Hippo Time


4. Remember the Beachball introduces the social aspects of SUMO4Schools Secondary.

The principle helps pupils explore their own experiences and reflect on what has shaped their worldview.


SUMO   Beachball


5. Learn Latin introduces the idea that change comes through action.

New thinking on its own will lead nowhere it must be matched by action.

Carpe Diem - seize the day encourages pupils to act upon their beliefs and rise to the challenges that face them.


SUMO   Carpe Diem


6. Ditch Doris Day challenges pupils to think about holistic success and set goals.

 It encourages them to create their own future rather than leave it to chance.

SUMO   Ditch Doris Da



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