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Exam Board: AQA

Exact Course Title: GCSE Art & Design (unendorsed)

Why should I choose to study Art?

This course is suitable for hardworking students who have shown ability in the subject during Key Stage 3 and who enjoy a creative challenge.

What will I learn?

The ethos of the CDS Art department is to give students the skills necessary to create, evaluate, and ultimately appreciate artworks from all cultures and of all styles. Whether students are working in clay or collage, we believe that true creativity is seen when students first acquire skills and then gain the confidence to apply those skills using their imagination.

What will be expected of me?

Students will be encouraged to express ideas, thoughts and feelings through the realisation of ideas and intentions, exploring in context and conducting evaluations.  The essence of the course is to be able to develop an idea from its initial source through to a final response. 

What skills will I develop?

Initially there will be a reinforcement of basic skills and an introduction to new techniques as well as learning about influential artists. Throughout the course each student will have the chance to develop their skills on a wide range of media, processes and techniques. It is essential that students develop their observational skills and conduct research and investigation.

How will I be assessed?

60% coursework; a portfolio of work containing a minimum of two projects.  40% examination; a ten hour examination prepared for over the previous term.

Where will this qualification lead me? 

The creative industries of the world look to the UK for its inspiration and skills. We at CDS have a long history of sending our most able students to art colleges and Universities throughout the country. After GCSE’s many of our students will apply for the University of the Creative Arts Canterbury BTEC art and design course Level 3, before going on to a degree course.