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Examination Board: AQA

Exact Course Title: GCSE Geography

Why should I choose to study Geography?

Students will travel the world from their classroom, exploring case studies in the United Kingdom (UK), higher income countries (HICs), newly emerging economies (NEEs) and lower income countries (LICs). Topics of study include climate change, poverty, deprivation, global shifts in economic power and the challenge of sustainable resource use. Students are also encouraged to understand their role in society, by considering different viewpoints, values and attitudes.

What will I learn?

Living with the physical environment - The challenge of natural hazards; the living world; Physical landscapes in the UK;

Challenges in the human environment - Urban issues and challenges; The changing economic world; The challenge of resource management;

Geographical applications - Issue evaluation; Fieldwork

What will be expected of me?

You will be expected to actively participate in paired, group and whole class discussion. You will need to learn key terms and use them appropriately to develop complex examination answers. You will be expected to learn and apply your geographical knowledge, understanding and skills. You will be expected to be able to undertake some tasks independently and show initiative in presenting and analysing geographical investigations. You will be expected to work to the best of your ability at all times.

What skills will I develop?          

You will develop research, literacy, numeracy, Graphical skills, Statistical skills; Cartographic skills , Use of qualitative and quantitative data, Formulate enquiry and argument.

How will I be assessed?

Paper 1: Living with the physical environment and Geographical Skills (35% of the GCSE)

Paper 2: Challenges in the human environment and Geographical Skills (35% of the GCSE)

Paper 3: Geographical applications ( 30% of the GCSE);

All papers are written exams: 1 hour 30 min.

Where will this qualification lead me? 

Students completing the course will be able to undertake further study at A level and continue into University or employment. The transferable skills in Geography apply to many careers including - Air Traffic Controller, Armed Forces, Cartographer, Countryside Ranger, Highways Engineer, Land Surveyor, Travel Agent, Pilot, and Weather Forecaster.