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Home Learning – Amazing artwork from a talented Year 9


Maths Announcement – Year 7 & 8 TTRS battle over the Easter break. If students want to have some fun, log in and start competing! See the poster attached to this post.


CDS is looking for a talented and inspirational Lead Teacher of PE


Another fine example of delicious hospitality Year 9 home learning!


Home learning – Year 7 one point perspective artwork


Home learning - A great presentation, identifying the impact of palm oil on the environment.


Home learning – Monday Maths!


Some more fabulous creations in hospitality home learning: building skills at home in readiness for Year 10 by making a pie with velouté sauce and a batch of Easter themed cakes.


Look at this amazing collage produced onto perspex by one of our students in school this week!


Science home learning – A task involved making a model of the Earth’s structure from plasticine.


Look at this amazing Hospitality & Catering home learning. Well done - someone's family are in for a treat this evening!


Money raised for Sport Relief totals £991.31 – Well done everybody and thankyou!


The art department is celebrating the brilliant Frank Stella inspired sculptures from our Year 7 students.


Look at the amazing work of our Year 11 Masterchefs!


Reminder: Year 9 Parents' Evening Monday 16 March at 4.30pm


Remember that the Art Department are collecting bottle tops to complete a project with recycled material. Please save and send in!


Year 9s visited Kent University for a campus day yesterday. They had a skills based session on what they need in University and toured the site. They completed a photography workshop and took photographs of items and places they thought represented University life.


Year 7 & 8 Netball result against RHA - Year 7 win 9-0 Year 8 win 21-0 Well done CDS girls!


Reminder: Year 9 Parents’ Evening Monday 16 March at 4.30pm - Ensure appointments are being made or contact the Year team - Mr Shepperson or Mrs Knight


A small mixed group of students are working on a sculptural piece relating to “places and spaces” for entry into the Turner Contemporary Portfolio Competition – entries due by end of March.


“Grease is the word…” Rehearsals continue for July’s musical performance. Every Thursday after school 2.50pm-4.30pm.


Deadline for Year 8 Options forms - Friday 13 March 2020. Please get these in on time or you run the risk of losing out on your preferred options.


Reminder: Year 7 & 8 Netball at CDS v RHA tomorrow, Wednesday 11 March.


Reminder Year 9 Parents' Evening Monday 16 March at 4.30pm. Ensure your child is making appointments and any problems contact the Year team - Mr Shepperson or Mrs Knight.


Tomorrow, Wednesday 11th, some of our Year 9 students visit Kent University - An opportunity to explore the campus and take part in University workshops.


Year 9 Kent University Workshop – Confidence in Public Speaking Students were given a character and had to prepare an argument for keeping their place on a hot air balloon, which was then presented to the rest of the class. These included Walt Disney and Donald Trump!


Sport Relief – This week a “dance off” is being held daily. Students can go along at lunch time and “bust some moves” with Tik Tok for a small donation to this worthy cause. Watch this space for the total raised at the end of the fundraising!


Year 7 Rugby at Sandwich tomorrow, 4pm against Sandwich, King Ethelbert, RHA, Dover Christ Church


Year 7 & 8 Girls Netball at home against RHA on Wednesday. Girls, check the team sheets please!


Countdown to CDS Cultural Capital days 2nd and 3rd April: Year 7 visit Kent County Cricket ground Year 8 visit Howlett's Wildlife Park Year 9 Historians visit Leeds Castle Year 9 Geographers visit the O2 and QE Park, London Year 10 visit the Olympic Park, Stratford


"Grease is the Word" Countdown to Grease the musical at CDS in July. Rehearsals every Thursday 3pm-4.30pm


Countdown to Year 9 Parents' Evening, Monday 16th March 4.30pm. Ensure that your child is making appointments! Any problems, contact the Year team.


World Book Day focused on “reading is power” and “get social”. Homework is set on ShowMyHomework for Y7-9 to write a review of one of the reading texts that they have read. Closing date, last day of term. Prizes on offer!


Year 10 students took part in a ‘Degree in a Day’ with CCU. They undertook a variety of activities to experience how they would study and research the psychology of video game addiction. Students then presented their work and findings to the group.


7 Things You should know about the teenage brain


Young Minds Parents Helpline is available to offer advice to parents and carers worried about a child or young person under 25


CDS have a daily Mindfulness Club that runs at lunch times. Students should speak to Mrs Knight for more information.


Support your child with anxiety issues.


Need help understanding your teenager's brain? Check this out ...


Support your child with developing strong self-esteem.


Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel

Exact Course Title: BTEC Level1/2 Tech Award in Performing Arts (Dance)

Why should I choose to study dance?

Dance allows students of all abilities to be supported and challenged in developing their technical, choreographic and appreciation skills. Dance is a fun and enjoyable course that relates to the performing arts industry in giving you a taster of the roles and responsibilities of a dancer. This course is ideal for dedicated students who like a challenge and those who enjoy learning in a practical way. It is great for building confidence and communication skills.

What will I learn?

There are 3 components – Exploring the Performing Arts; Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts; and Performing to a Brief. During the course you will study a variety of dance techniques and learn about performance skills and qualities. You will develop your own personal management skills such as motivation, but you will also learn how to work as a team. From a subject specific point of view you will focus on use of dynamics and movement, choreographic techniques and strategies, the rehearsal and performance process. You will be able to work as a solo performer as well as a member of an ensemble and you will understand how a performance is created from the initial ideas to the final curtain.

What will be expected of me?

You must follow and abide by clear rules, routines and expectations.  Your attendance must be outstanding as it is very hard to catch up work if you are absent. You will be expected to adhere to the high code of conduct established in the Performing Arts department. You need to be self-motivated and willing to accept and act on constructive criticism. You should be able to take direction, but also generate ideas of your own and be an independent thinker. 

What skills will I develop?

The aim of the course is to make Dance understandable and accessible to all students and for you to understand the skills needed to be a dancer. You will develop skills in technique, choreography and appreciation.

How will I be assessed?

Controlled Assessment – 70% (Components 1 and 2) and External Assessment – 30% (Component 3).


Component 1 – Exploring the Performing Arts:


Examination of practitioners’ work and the processes used to create performance

A – Examine professional practitioners’ performance work

A1 – Professional practitioners’ performance material, influences, creative outcomes and purpose

                A2 – Practitioners’ roles, responsibilities and skills


B – Explore interrelationships between constituent features of existing performance material

                B1 – Processes used in performance

                B2 – Techniques and approaches used in performance


Tasks and Evidence

A - Watch live and/or recorded performances

  • Analyse performances in three different performance styles
  • Explore roles and responsibilities, creative intention, key influences and purpose
  • Make comparisons between stylistic qualities, using examples as evidence
  • Explore how practitioners contribute to the performance process and how their roles and responsibilities differ depending on performance, style and outcome

    Extended writing (essay), blog or PowerPoint presentation

    B – Participate in practical workshops:

  • The processes, techniques and approaches used by practitioners
  • The interrelationships between constituent features within the performance work

    Teacher observations, recordings of workshops and extended writing (essay), blog or PowerPoint presentation



    Component 2 – Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts:


    Develop performing arts skills and techniques through the reproduction of acting

    A – Develop skills and techniques for performance

                    A1 – Development of physical, vocal and interpretative skills

                    A2 – Develop skills and techniques during the rehearsal process

    B – Apply skills and techniques in rehearsal and performance

                    B1 – Application of skills and techniques during rehearsal

                    B2 – Application of skills and techniques in performance

    C – Review own development and performance

                    C1 – Review own development of skills and techniques for performance

                    C2 – Review own application of skills and techniques in performance


    Tasks and Evidence

    A – Workshops and Classes

  • Select a performance genre and associated style
  • Discuss technical and interpretative skills required. Focus on specific skills and techniques needed
  • Develop technical and interpretative skills and techniques through workshops and classes
  • Apply rehearsal skills during workshops and classes, refine work and demonstrate teamwork skills

    Teacher observations, recordings of workshops and classes, self and peer observations

    B – Apply skills and techniques by reproducing a performance extract:

  • Learn and memorise a performance
  • Apply technical, stylistic and interpretative skills in performance

    Teacher observations, recordings of rehearsals and performances

    C – Review own progress

    Use recordings and diary entries to review progress – explore strengths and areas for improvement in terms of skills and techniques

    Logbook including: video evidence; rehearsal, development and performance notes (diary entries); strengths and areas for improvement; and target setting



    Component 3 – Performing to a Brief:


    Create and present a performance in response to the exam brief

    A – Developing ideas in response to a brief

                    A1 – Understand how to respond to a brief through discussion and practical exploration

    B – Selecting and developing skills and techniques for performance

    B1 – Demonstrate how to select and develop performance skills and techniques needed to realise the creative ideas in response to the brief

    C – Participate in a performance

                    C1 – Performance skills and techniques

                    C2 – Work effectively with others

                    C3 – Communicating ideas through performance

    D – Evaluating the development process and performance outcome

                    D1 – Reflect on the process

                    D2 – Reflect on the outcome


    Where will this qualification lead me?

    A number of our students go on to study BTEC Level 3 courses at college and sixth form, this can then lead to study at degree level in a performing arts subject.