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Travel & Tourism

Examination Board :Pearson Edexcel

Exact Course Title : BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Travel & Tourism

Why should I choose to study Travel and Tourism?

The UK tourism industry is huge and rapidly expanding, offering many career opportunities for today’s young people. In 2008 it employed over 3 million people – more than 13% of UK employees. This course has been designed for candidates who wish to gain a sound knowledge and understanding of the travel and tourism industry. This course will use a variety of examples at local, national and global scales.

What will I learn?

  • Learn about travel and tourist destinations and investigate the appeal of UK tourist destinations
  • Find out about key developments over time and how they have moulded and influenced UK travel and tourism into the sector it is today
  • Explore international Travel and Tourism destinations

What will be expected of me?

 You will be expected to actively participate in paired, group and whole class discussion. You will need to learn key terms and use them appropriately to develop examination answers. You will be expected to learn and apply your knowledge, understanding and skills through assignment and research. You will be expected to be able to undertake assignment tasks independently and show initiative in presenting and analysing assignment content. You will be expected to work to the best of your ability at all times.

What skills will I develop?

 Independent thinking and self-management skills, adhering to deadlines, employability skills that will enable learners to adapt to the ever-changing roles needed to survive in the global economy. These skills include: self-management, team working, business awareness and customer awareness, problem solving, communication, basic literacy and numeracy, a positive attitude to work and the use of IT.

How will I be assessed?

Unit 1: The UK Travel and Tourism Sector - is an externally assessed unit. It is assessed by a written examination; Unit 2: UK Travel and Tourism Destinations; Unit 3: The Development of Travel and Tourism in the UK and Unit 4: International Travel and Tourism Destinations are assessed internally via assignments linked to a travel and tourism sector scenario and unit content.

Where will this qualification lead me? 

Students completing the course will be able to undertake further study at Level 3 and/or continue into University or employment. Employment in the many sectors of the travel and tourism industry e.g. travel agent, travel representative.